Flamborough Head drum recording
Flamborough Head drum recording

Flamborough Head drum recording

Last weekend we recorded the drumparts of our new album which we hope to release coming year.

Koen behind his drumkit

These recording sessions were the last activities of Flamborough Head at De Harmsdobbe. Koen & Hedwig decided in the summer of 2020 to leave De Harmsdobbe and move to a village nearby Bakkeveen. For nearly thirty years Flamborough Head enjoyed Koen & Hedwig’ hospitality which enabled us to have our own private rehearsal studio where we recorded several albums and where Flamborough Head could organise our own progrock festival ProgFarm at De Harmsdobbe for fifteen years. Flamborough Head can not thank Koen & Hedwig enough for all these fine years!

Kampeerboerderij De Harmsdobbe


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