Flamborough Head
ProgFarm 2010

ProgFarm 2010

Saturday November 6

De Harmsdobbe, Bakkeveen, Holland



Pictures: Bert van Rijssen

– Wij vonden het een eer bij jullie op het gezelligste progfestival van Nederland te mogen spelen (BdG)

– Jullie ook enorm bedankt voor het organiseren van dit hele feest, want dat was het. Wij hebben het bijzonder naar ons zin gehad en ik kan het niet beter zeggen dan wat één van de bandleden mij gisteren schreef in een mailtje: “Ik vond ook de organisatie daar TOP, goed geregeld, aardige gasten.” Daar heb ik niet veel aan toe te voegen, heb ook geen wanklank of minpuntje kunnen bespeuren. Dit smaakt naar meer 🙂 (AvG)

– Proficiat met de 14e editie van Progfarm. Ik heb genoten zaterdag, (…). Op naar het derde lustrum, zou ik zeggen. (WA)

– I can only think of one word that summerizes the festival, the music, the people and that is : Fantastic. We all had a great time, and we were very impressed by the way it went down, you guys provided us with all we needed, and for that we are thankful, (…) So on behalf of us in D’AccorD, thank you very much, and give our best to the rest of your band. (DM)

– Ik hoorde dat Progfarm 2010 niet helemaal was uitverkocht. Kan natuurlijk een keer gebeuren. Maar de thuisblijvers moeten wel een hele goede reden hebben gehad! Als ze die niet hadden, rest hen nu slechts spijt. Bedankt voor de perfecte line-up en tot volgend jaar. (DJJ)

– Yes it was a great time and you are all very nice guys and I’m looking forward to next year. (OW)

– It was my third visit to this edition of the festival (and as it was the 14th edition already, I now bang-my-head because of having missed out on the first 11 of them!), an indeed lovely initiative by Frisians Flamborough Head – as they say themselves, “It’s a bit sad that there are so many fine prog bands around who are not able to gig a lot [I’d like be as bold myself and correct this to: *barely ever*]. Back in 1997, we started our festival to give lesser known prog bands a chance to introduce themselves to an interested audience. Unfortunately there still is a need for this type of festival and we are happy that we are able to organize ProgFarm so we can make our contribution to a more lively prog scene.” !!!AMEN TO THAT!!! And boy, they do a fantastic job at indeed selecting those fine obscure bands, who, for whatever reason, don’t seem to get the attention they truly deserve – this 14th edition of ProgFarm would be no exception to that rule, even more… one of the bands actually managed to steal-my-heart right there, on the spot. More specifically, a certain band hailing from Ukraine, some 2500 kms away from Bakkeveen! (…) Let it be said, having a more friendly, cosy atmosphere than is the case at the ProgFarm-Festival isn’t possible! Absolutely gorgeous – the bands get to play on stage in the barn, accomodating about 200 of progrock fans (at the max), and right outside, there’s a cosy tent, where you can fully enjoy your beers, food, and smokes – as well as a the very dangerous (to you wallet, I mean!) merchandise area. Not to forget – there’s space to spend the night over there at yet another barn (do bring along a very warm sleeping bag…), very welcome for those of us from ‘abroad’, as well as for the bands coming from very far away. Add that to a good breakfast in the tent the next morning – friendliness all around. (Please visit the Solarsfall Realm website to read the complete review on ProgFarm 2010)

– Wow that was fun. The festival was pure class throughout. The people, the music, the accomodation; all splendid. The farm itself was beautifull, nice scenery and not as cold as Norway. We were picked up in Heerenveen by Edo (keyboards) from Flamborough Head and [Jan] a crew member. Arrived right before the first band Toys (Holland) started playing. (…) Toys was doing instrumental music, with hints of metal and neo prog and it seemed to go well with the crowd which was awesome and the filled the concert hall from the first drum beat to the last. Next up was Sillhouette (Holland), wich had a singing drummer and the played a mix between Neo Prog (Marillion) mixed with some kraut rock. Next up was the festival arranging band Flamborough Head playing a slightly mixed kind of prog with elements form many sub genres. Then it was time for the long travellers. These guys travelled for 2500 km by car, travelling for three days to play. Now thats the spirit. They played a very fusion kind of Prog with elements of all sorts, even Reggea. Last band for the night was my very own D’AccorD. Describing our own music is much easier: Retro Prog. From the stage I experienced the crowd as a fantastic bunch of people, really focused on whats going on even if it was late. Great mood and we tried saluting them by playing our King Crimson medley which consists of 21ct Schizoid Man and Starless. After the show was over we had a great after party, both artists and audience from all over Europe. Everyone was in a great mood, it was a night that never should end. The guys from Flamborough Head really have done a great thing here. Their festival is now 14 years old and may it be many more. Very nice and friendly guys. Even borrowed us their rehearsal space for warmups etc. (Daniel Maage of D’AccorD at The Progressive Ears Message Forum)

– However, in my opinion [D’AccorD] can look back at a well-performed gig and return home knowing that they played at the best progressive rock festival of The Netherlands. Again, that’s the only thing I can say about the Progfarm Festival. Sadly it wasn’t sold out this year, but it doesn’t prevent me from saying my famous last words: it still remains the best progressive rock festival of The Netherlands! (Please read Henri Strik’s full review on ProgFarm 2010 at The Background Magazine website)

Guest appearance of Eddie Mulder, former guitarist of Flamborough Head, joining Margriet, Gert and Edo for a special version of Captive Of Fate

Please note Toxic Smile’s gig is postponed to ProgFarm 2011