Flamborough Head on The Divine Comedy Purgatorio (Part 2)

The Musea label and the Finnish magazine Colossus endlessly continue their quest for the greatest universal themes, in order to complete their collection of concept-albums dedicated to Progressive rock. The hero of the day is Dante ALIGHIERI, the famous medieval author from Firenze who wrote “The Divine Comedy”. That’s precisely this epic piece of work, without a doubt one of the greatest books of all times, that serves as the basis for this new project. And of course, it has been divided in three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. The first volume is made of thirty-four “cantos” dispatched on four discs (!), each one showing the personal interpretation of an international band, according to the rules of the genre: no drumboxes, the only instruments allowed are those of the mighty Seventies, the same as for the musical inspiration. FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, TEMPANO, LITTLE TRAGEDIES, COMBINATION HEAD, YESTERDAYS, NEMO, LADY LAKE, WILLOWGLASS, ARS NOVA, SINKADUS, BRIGHTEYE BRISON and GREENWALL are some of the groups involved… The second part, Purgatorio includes SIMON SAYS, NEMO, OZONE PLAYER, RAIMUNDO RODULFO, WILLOWGLASS, NEXUS, NUOVA ERA, SURVIVAL, LITTLE TRAGEDIES, PHIDEAUX, MAD CRAYON, LADY LAKE, FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, YESTERDAYS, EQUILIBRIO VITAL amongst others.


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