Flamborough Head on The Flower Kings tribute cd-box

Colossus and Musea released A Flower Full Of Stars – A Tribute To The Flower Kings

Flamborough Head re-arranged The Flower Kings song Blessing Of A Smile from their Rainmaker album. We all know The Flower Kings from their well produced and sophisticated albums. We thought it would be a nice idea to approach their music from a different angle. Back to basics! For keyboards we only used the vintage german upright acoustic piano which is in Edo’s living room and an old harmonium stored in his attic. No electric guitars, only an acoustic one. Drums were recorded using only one pair of microphones and bass and recorders were recorded the usual way. So, a simple more casual arrangement and recording session. And………….we also recorded the shortest song possible. The Flower Kings are masters of length and output. Of course they recorded a lot of beautiful music but their creativity seems endless and sometimes we do get lost in their cataloque:-)


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