Flamborough Head on Progwereld Anniversary album

Flamborough Head wrote a brand new song as our contribution to the Prog NL cd. In April 2011 Dutch progwebsite Progwereld will celebrate their 10th anniversary and to commemorate this special event they asked several Dutch progbands to contribute a song, with only one restriction: it should be sung in Dutch. As Flamborough Head resides in the Frisian village of Bakkeveen, we thought it would be a good idea to write Frisian lyrics for this track. In the province of Friesland most people speak the Frisian language, it’s the second official language in The Netherlands. Margriet Boomsma wrote the lyrics based on the legend of Rixt of Oerd, a woman who used to live on Ameland, one of the Frisian islands. As a great fan of Renaissance Edo Spanninga tried to write a song influenced by this incredible band. So, a lot of classical orientated orchestrations but we must confess the band’s arrangement made it a lot heavier than Renaissance would do it back in the seventies:-)


“Another surprise comes from the notorious Flamborough Head that hails from the provinceof Friesland whose people never miss an opportunity to make clear that their own local language is a true language and not just a dialect. Considering the fact that I hardly understand a word when they speak Fries I must admit they seem to have a point. So bearing that in mind the song that Flamborough Head wrote and recorded especially for this album is sung in Fries, it’s actually the odd one out as it is actually not sung in Dutch. Maybe this is even the first prog song ever recorded in Fries, who knows?  […]  Seagulls open the song Flamborough Head wrote especially for this album and with this song they again prove what a vast crowd of insiders already know; this is one of the best Dutch prog bands ever! For some reason never received the recognition they deserve, but their, very Renaissance influenced, contribution to this album should be another clear indication to check out more of this group! Definitely one of the highlights on this album.” Please read Joris Donkel’s full review on Prog.NL on the DPRP website!

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