Flamborough Head live in Utrecht

Flamborough Head teamed up with Silhouette (NL) and Also Eden (UK) at the Starsound Studio in Utrecht (Holland) on the 18th of April 2009.

Fl. Head at Starsound 180409_004s

“Flamborough Head […] played extremely strong and tight. New lead guitarist Gert Polkerman turned out to be a good replacement for Eddie Mulder. […] A big compliment to Gert for his guitar solo performed during the live classic Limestone Rock. At the Progfarm Festival in November, he already impressed me, but this time it seemed as if he had invented the guitar parts himself. Bravo! […] The band played two tracks from their upcoming fifth studio album: Don’t Forget Us and Sleepless Night , strong pieces that made clear that Looking For John Maddock will be a next fine release from one of the best progressive rock bands in the Netherlands.” (Henri Strik – Background Magazine)

Please read Henri Strik’s full review on the Background Magazine website.

Taken from the Also Eden Website:

Then….on to Utrecht to meet our friends Flamborough Head and our local hosts The Silhouette. The club itself was great – The Silhouette play symphonic prog and really enjoyed themselves on stage. Great guys – they’re working on their next album and we wish them every success. We last saw Flamborough Head when we played at ProgFarm in 2007 – they have since switched guitar players and now have more of a real raw, rocky sound. Great set – very tight band – we can’t wait to see them when we play with them 20th/21st June at the Peel and the Robin2. (Extended thanks to Marcelle for letting me use his Ampeg rig. Oh yeaaahhhh!)
We were (very) late on (well, for us!) – about 11:30pm and it was RIDICULOUSLY hot on stage with the lights but we had a great gig – the band are sounding great with new drummist Dave. Our setlist for the night was Star, Artificial Light, Between The Lines, Skimming Stones, For Bumble, Photographs and Children of the Night. Great fun on what was only our 3rd gig with the new line-up. Sadly, a disappointing turnout – the gig just wasn’t promoted (plus Saga and It Bites were down the road) but those that were there enjoyed themselves and we sold CDs (which meant we could travel home without resorting to crime or prostitution!) A review of the show can be found on www.backgroundmagazine.nl. Dave played amazingly – his joining the band has shifted us all up another gear!
After the show, and a few CD signings it was off to Brian’s house (Brian is guitarist/vocalist for The Silhouette). Brian has the most amazing house – it’s HUGE! His kid’s bedroom’s are bigger than my lounge and dining room – what a swine! What a top host though, and he has a wonderful family. They weren’t put off by the Also Eden camp despite best efforts from certain band members – loud snoring and bottom-y noises/smells (Rogers).


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