Flamborough Head released “Tales Of Imperfections”

Flamborough Head finished their new album which is called Tales Of Imperfection.

Here are some of the first quotes: “All in all a very good album! There is happening a lot in a musical way, you never get bored.(…)The music of Flamborough Head has [..] an undeniable echo from Renaissance[..]. But overall: highly recommended to all the fans of real symphonic prog with a taste of folk (and even some neo-prog)”. “The whole feeling of the CD reminds me of the 70s, sometimes a lot like RENAISSANCE and MOSTLY AUTUMN, yet rockier than the first band and more melodic rock based than MOSTLY AUTUMN, so somewhere in between these bands. The vocals of lead singer MARGRIET BOOMSMA are truly wonderful (…) Sounds cliché, but I really think FLAMBOROUGH HEAD has now released their strongest record, because each song has got all the elements a classic progressive rocksong needs to contain, which are rich keys, beautiful melodic guitarsolos, clean melodic vocalwork and even some flutes played by the female singer. Definitely a CD worth checking out for any fan of high class music.”


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