Flamborough Head released “One For The Crow” [2002]


  1. One for the Crow
  2. Old Shoes
  3. Seperate
  4. Daydream
  5. Nightlife
  6. Old Forest
  7. Limestone Rock
  8. New Shoes
  • Margriet Boomsma – Lead Vocals, flute & recorders
  • Eddie Mulder – Guitars & backing vocals
  • Marcel Derix – Bass
  • Koen Roozen – Drums
  • Edo Spanninga – Keys


“Sometime during 2000 and 2002 Flamborough Head lost its singer and guitarrist. It seemed that the band was through, which was a pity, since the two CDs they released were absolutely great and promised a bright furture for the group. But they did come back with a new line up, this time with female vocalist Margriet Boomsma (who also plays the flute) and guitarrist Eddie Mulder. Needless to say, One For The Crow is quite different form their precedors. Fortunatly the changes did not harm what the band does best: songwriting and arrangements. In fact, they sound like almost another band, but still the tracks are all strong, the arrangements are tasteful and varied as ever. Keyboards are gorgeous! New guitarrist Mulder contributes with some acoustic guitars pieces, which are nice, and Boomsma´s flute adds some folk lines here and there. Her voice is quite unique, sounding maybe a bit like Tracy Hutchings (although less dramatic) or even a bit of Annie Haslam (the feeling, not the technique, around the Prologue period). Rhythm section is strong, well balanced and skillful without much showing off. Some Pink Floyd influences are more evident now in the guitar parts. In the end you have a very fine album, with no fillers or weak songs anywhere. Less neo prog, more symphonjic and with some folkish bits. A strong and renewed come back. Flamborough Head is probably Holland´s most promising and strong band in the new millenium. Highly recommended!” (Tarcisio Moura on Progarchives)

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