Flamborough Head’s new album: Defining The Legacy [2000]

Cyclops released Flamborough Head’s second studio album Defining The Legacy (Cycl    )


  1. Defining The Legacy
  2. House Of Cards
  3. Garden Of Dreams
  4. Assassin
  5. Impulse
  6. Bridge To The Promised Land
  7. Mind Sculpture
  • Sieberein Schaaf – Lead Vocals & keys
  • Andre Cents – Guitars &backing vocals
  • Marcel Derix – Bass
  • Koen Roozen – Drums
  • Edo Spanninga – Keys


“OK…well,this is great GENESIS/MARILLION/ARENA/COLLAGE/etc – inspired CD with great vocals, different moods of music (from folkish tune in “Assassin” to heavy-metal riffs in “Impulse”) and excellent musicianship / songwriting abilities. It is a Must for every New Symphonic / Neo Prog fan – FLAMBOROUGH HEAD is a really worthy band. Each long composition filled with various rhytm / signature / structure changes (at least three in every song) and marvellous melodic lines – I bet, you’ll sing with the vocalist when you’ll hear any tune at the second time!!! Highly underrated, this CD needs more attention, and I recommend it to every Prog devotee. Find and buy it!!!Enjoy!!!” (Prog-jester on Progarchives)

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