Flamborough Head released cassette-demo “Bridge To The Promised Land”

Flamborough Head released their debut cassette demo titled ‘Legend of the Old Man Tree’ (re-released by Cyclops in 2001 as Bridge To The Promised Land – Cyclub 009)


  1. Corrugated Road
  2. Childscream
  3. Running On Empty
  4. Suicide
  5. Unspoken Whisper
  6. Bridge To The Promised

For two years we wrote, rehearsed and recorded some tracks on a Fostex 8-track which we released on our demo Legend of the Old Man Tree’. The soundquality of the demo was mediocre but as it was mainly for private use there was no problem (We distributed the demo on a very small scale). Background Magazine wrote about the demo: “The balance between keyboards and energetic guitar licks is excellent. The songs are about six to seven minutes long, with the right changes in mood and spheres. This is the kind of true progressive rock I think BM readers would like to hear”.

  • Sieberein Schaaf – Lead Vocals & keys
  • Andre Cents – Guitars &backing vocals
  • Marcel Derix – Bass
  • Koen Roozen – Drums
  • Edo Spanninga – Keys

Flamborough Head 1991-2000

Sieberein, Edo, Andre, Koen & Marcel

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