Flamborough Head on Dante’s Paradiso – The Divine Comedy Part III

French proglabel Musea and Finnish progmagazine Colossus released their last 4 cd-box of the Dante’s Divine Comedy. Flamborough Head wrote a new song called Labyrinth Of Light for this Paradiso release. You can find more than 4 hours of vintage styled progressive rock on this release from bands all over Europe including our friends of Lady lake, Yesterdays and Tabula Smaragdina. Other bands are  Brighteye Brison, Simon Says, Nemo and Kotebel (a.o.).

Flamborough Head, Yesterdays & Mindgames live in Utrecht

Flamborough Head (NL), Yesterdays  (Rumania) and Mindgames (Belgium) gigged at The Starsound Studio Utrecht on Saturday October 16 2010.

“In April 2009 I visited a small progressive rock festival at the Starsound Studio’s in Utrecht organized by Dutch prog band Flamborough Head. In spite of the fact that only few people showed up, they recently organized the same kind of mini-festival again. Watching this fine band perform was a good reason to drive to Utrecht, but the performances of Yesterdays (Romania) and Mindgames (Belgium) were a good excuse to write a review about this progressive rock festival. Both bands had become friends with Flamborough Head after they had visit the northern part of The Netherlands to perform at the legendary Progfarm Festival. This annual festival attracts visitors from different countries, but even this small festival proved that progressive rock has no borders. There were spectators from Germany and even a man from Japan. […]


@Live pictures: Arthur Haggenburg

Together with some thirty natives they saw Flamborough Head perform first. The band showed that people who didn’t attend this festival missed something special. With the new guitarist Gert Polkerman the band has become a very strong live unit. His style of guitar playing is perhaps less melodic than that of former guitarist Eddie Mulder, but instead we can enjoy a more aggressive guitar sound on stage. However, a very enjoyable sound with no traces of prog metal at all. The band performed some new songs as well. I also noticed that Mr. Polkerman enjoyed playing those old guitar parts. He often played them with a big smile on his face. For me, the highlight of this fine performance was Looking For John Maddock, the 20-minute long title track of the band’s latest release. This epic piece containing different moods and changes was splendidly performed with a leading role for keyboardist Edo Spanninga.

Next on stage were Yesterdays from Hungary and Romania. The audience wanted the band to do an encore. After the encore Tükör their time was up, but they can look back at a well-performed concert.


That also applied for Mindgames. Thanks to Flambourough Head our Belgian friends returned on a Dutch stage. […] Mindgames also deserved an encore and the few people left in the audience made enough noise to get them back on stage. Their last song was Both Sides Of The Show, a beautiful epic piece that finished an excellent performance. Hopefully this wasn’t the last MMX-show in The Netherlands… Too bad, that only a few people visited the Starsound Studio in Utrecht to witness three wonderful live acts. The prize to see the shows couldn’t have been the problem. Maybe some other concerts held during the same weekend could have been the reason for prog heads to show little interest. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned Flamborough Head may organize such triple live shows again. I had a good time just like all the other people who joined me in witnessing some outstanding progressive rock bands. Henri Strik (Please visit Background Magazine for Henri’s complete review)


Flamborough Head live ’t Blok, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel

“Progfrog” will organise a series of progconcerts in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. Flamborough Head started this serie on Sunday September 12 2010. Wonderful venue, very friendly hosts and a enthousiastic audience. We enjoyed our visit a lot and say thanks to Piet and Marcel for having us over.


Interview Flamborough Head Progarchives.com

The excellent website Progarchives.com updated their website with an interview with Flamborough Head. Please click here to read the full interview written by Torrod Fuglesteg.


Flamborough Head & Morphelia live at Das Glashaus, Germany

Just returned from a gig together with our friends of Morphelia at Das Glashaus (don’t think there is a connection with Gentle Giant’s 1973 studio album In A Glass House:-), Moorlage, Germany. A greenhouse is not the most convenient place for a double gig on a summer’s day with temperatures reaching above 35 degrees Celsius! However, the venue turned out to be great; a wonderful place, great audience and friendly staff!
Thanks to all of Morphelia for having us over!



Flamborough Head on The Divine Comedy Purgatorio (Part 2)

The Musea label and the Finnish magazine Colossus endlessly continue their quest for the greatest universal themes, in order to complete their collection of concept-albums dedicated to Progressive rock. The hero of the day is Dante ALIGHIERI, the famous medieval author from Firenze who wrote “The Divine Comedy”. That’s precisely this epic piece of work, without a doubt one of the greatest books of all times, that serves as the basis for this new project. And of course, it has been divided in three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. The first volume is made of thirty-four “cantos” dispatched on four discs (!), each one showing the personal interpretation of an international band, according to the rules of the genre: no drumboxes, the only instruments allowed are those of the mighty Seventies, the same as for the musical inspiration. FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, TEMPANO, LITTLE TRAGEDIES, COMBINATION HEAD, YESTERDAYS, NEMO, LADY LAKE, WILLOWGLASS, ARS NOVA, SINKADUS, BRIGHTEYE BRISON and GREENWALL are some of the groups involved… The second part, Purgatorio includes SIMON SAYS, NEMO, OZONE PLAYER, RAIMUNDO RODULFO, WILLOWGLASS, NEXUS, NUOVA ERA, SURVIVAL, LITTLE TRAGEDIES, PHIDEAUX, MAD CRAYON, LADY LAKE, FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, YESTERDAYS, EQUILIBRIO VITAL amongst others.


Flamborough Head live in Romania

Flamborough Head gigged in Cluj-Napoca, Romania at The Soul Club on Friday March 5 2010 together with our friends of Yesterdays. Wonderful trip, great friends, warm audience and a beautiful city, what can we ask more! Thanks to Akos, Zsolt and Zsoltan and all the other members of Yesterdays for their hospitality and care!!



Flamborough Head’s new album “Looking For John Maddock”

Cyclops Records released Flamborough Head’s new studio album Looking For John Maddock (Cycl 170). There will be also a limited Japanese release available.


– The Garden Pond
– Sleepless Night
– Spring
– Waste Of Time
– Don’t Forget Us
– Looking For John Maddock


Some reviews:

“As soon as I heard their new CD I knew it would take some spins to get used to it. The band´s sound is becoming more and more complex since the new millenium started. It is still quite melodic and accessible for many ears, I guess, but their elaborated, subtle arrangements shows a fine tapestry of intricated, well crafted tunes that grows on you with each listening. Edo Spanninga´s keyboards lines and the band in general seem to be influenced by his side project Trion: half of the tracklist is composed solely by instrumentals. The strong use of the Hammond organ, Margriet Boomsma´s flute (more proeminent than ever) and the very fine guitar solos often reminded me of Focus in their 70´s heyday. Margriet´s slightly jazzy vocals are a bit underused but are highly effective when they appear.  As usual Flamborough Head keeps the high standards: there are no fillers, each track a gem on itself, but the album highlight is doubtless the epic, 19 minute, title track. Never have they sounded so symphonic, elaborated and bold: starting with a unsual keyboard line, followed by a slow section with recorder and mellotron, it goes through many intrumental moods and changes, gives us some of the CDs best´and more emotional vocals and finishes with climatic guitar and keys interplay. After all those years the band shows what a tigh group of skilled musicians can do when faced with some strong songwriting. They make complex music disguised as simple, like only the great ones know how to deliver in the right doses.” (Tarcisio Mouro – Please visit the Progarchives website for his full review)

“[…] the titletrack on the album written by Edo and Margriet. This long piece of music really is something special. You might say that the band cross the boundaries of progressive rock music here. Looking For John Maddock starts in a high gear followed by beautiful emotional playing on recorder and electric guitar. Next, an orchestral keyboard takes over leading to romantic piano playing. Margriet’s lyrics tell us that life seems quite simple when you are young, but life goes on and, whether you like it or not, good and bad things come your way. Friends may come and friends may go, but perhaps they return someday. The music beautifully corresponds to these thoughts. Sometimes we hear echoes of David Gilmour’s steel guitar, at other times we recognize the melodic tunes of Andy Latimer. From time to time, the keyboards sound like an orchestra, but I can hear the spirit of the late Pete Bardens as well. Mr. Spanninga can hardly deny that he listened to Camel a great deal. Looking For John Maddock is a very good album for everyone who is into neo progressive rock music.” (Henri Strik – Please visit the Background Magazine website for his full review)

– “Vorig jaar (2008) bezocht ik het jaarlijkse Progfarm Festival weer eens na vele jaren, vooral vanwege het Franse Nemo dat met haar ijzersterke en enthousiaste optreden heel wat fans maakte. Maar ik was ook aangenaam verrast door het prettige en zeer professionele optreden van de ‘thuisclub’ Flamborough Head. Opvallend vond ik aldaar dat men flink richting de sound van Camel jaren ’70 is gegaan, hoe zou dat zijn bij deze nieuwe CD? Op Looking For John Maddock zijn de eerste vijf composities doordrenkt met de sound van het oude Camel, niet alleen vanwege het gitaar spel maar ook door de volle Hammond klanken en sprankelende Minimoog loopjes van toetsenist Edo Spanninga en het fluitspel van Margriet Boomsma. Deze fascinatie voor Camel culmineert in de song Don’t Forget US, waarin Edo halverwege klinkt als de Nederlandse variant van de te vroeg overleden Peter Bardens! Maar ik stoor me daar totaal niet aan want Flamborough staat garant voor bijzonder aangename, zeer melodieuze en harmonieuze symfo met vloeiende sfeer – en tempo wisselingen, sfeervolle versnellingen en fraai spel op antieke toetsen en gitaar (van gevoelige en jankende uithalen tot een subtiel duel met een tin-whistle). In de ijzersterke epische afsluiter Looking For John Maddock (bijna 20 minuten) horen we Flamborough Head op haar best (veel variatie en muzikale verrassing): een bombastisch klimaat met een up-tempo ritme, een Solaris-achtig stuk met prettig fluitspel en wollige klassieke orchestraties, erg mooi spel op de elektrische gitaar, volle antieke toetsen partijen (inclusief een eruptie met een The Moody Blues Mellotron sound) en tot slot een gevoelige gitaar solo met zweverige Hammond orgel klanken, welk een fraaie afsluiting!
Wat mij betreft voldoet deze sterke nieuwe CD van Flamborough Head ruimschoots aan de vier P’s van Louis Van Gaal’s visie op progressieve rock: Pakkend Professioneel Progrock Produkt, reeds. (Erik Neuteboom on the Progwalhalla website)

– […] “Once again the Dutch quartet have produced a compelling collection of tunes that displays a strong sense of melody and assured if not over elaborate instrumental work that deserves wider recognition outside their homeland. They certainly do enough for me to justify a DPRP recommendation […].” (Please visit Geoff Feakes complete review on the DPRP website. 8 out of 10 – DPRP Recommended)

Flamborough Head UK mini-tour

Flamborough Head teamed up with Also Eden at The House Progression, The Peel, Kingston, London on Saturday June 20. On Sunday June 21 we joined The Alex Carpani Band and The Dreaming Tree at The Robin, Bilston.

Here some feedback on our shows:

– Just arrived back from an excellent show last night at the Robin 2 in Bilston, Wolverhampton. […]  Flamborough Head took the stage around an hour later and did not disappoint. They played a whole host of songs from their back catalogue with a couple from their new album “Looking For John Maddock”.
New guitarist Gert Polkerman was excellent. Flamborough Head have been excellent every time I have seen them and this was no exception. Managed to pick up a copy of the new album also, for only a tenner. […] (The Northern England Art Rock Society)

– Thanks for a great Gig last night – hadn’t seen you before, but had heard a few tracks – now a definite fan and will soak up your back catalogue. (P. MySpace)

– And under the windscreenwiper upon our return to our van was this writing:

Flamborough Head live in Utrecht

Flamborough Head teamed up with Silhouette (NL) and Also Eden (UK) at the Starsound Studio in Utrecht (Holland) on the 18th of April 2009.

Fl. Head at Starsound 180409_004s

“Flamborough Head […] played extremely strong and tight. New lead guitarist Gert Polkerman turned out to be a good replacement for Eddie Mulder. […] A big compliment to Gert for his guitar solo performed during the live classic Limestone Rock. At the Progfarm Festival in November, he already impressed me, but this time it seemed as if he had invented the guitar parts himself. Bravo! […] The band played two tracks from their upcoming fifth studio album: Don’t Forget Us and Sleepless Night , strong pieces that made clear that Looking For John Maddock will be a next fine release from one of the best progressive rock bands in the Netherlands.” (Henri Strik – Background Magazine)

Please read Henri Strik’s full review on the Background Magazine website.

Taken from the Also Eden Website:

Then….on to Utrecht to meet our friends Flamborough Head and our local hosts The Silhouette. The club itself was great – The Silhouette play symphonic prog and really enjoyed themselves on stage. Great guys – they’re working on their next album and we wish them every success. We last saw Flamborough Head when we played at ProgFarm in 2007 – they have since switched guitar players and now have more of a real raw, rocky sound. Great set – very tight band – we can’t wait to see them when we play with them 20th/21st June at the Peel and the Robin2. (Extended thanks to Marcelle for letting me use his Ampeg rig. Oh yeaaahhhh!)
We were (very) late on (well, for us!) – about 11:30pm and it was RIDICULOUSLY hot on stage with the lights but we had a great gig – the band are sounding great with new drummist Dave. Our setlist for the night was Star, Artificial Light, Between The Lines, Skimming Stones, For Bumble, Photographs and Children of the Night. Great fun on what was only our 3rd gig with the new line-up. Sadly, a disappointing turnout – the gig just wasn’t promoted (plus Saga and It Bites were down the road) but those that were there enjoyed themselves and we sold CDs (which meant we could travel home without resorting to crime or prostitution!) A review of the show can be found on www.backgroundmagazine.nl. Dave played amazingly – his joining the band has shifted us all up another gear!
After the show, and a few CD signings it was off to Brian’s house (Brian is guitarist/vocalist for The Silhouette). Brian has the most amazing house – it’s HUGE! His kid’s bedroom’s are bigger than my lounge and dining room – what a swine! What a top host though, and he has a wonderful family. They weren’t put off by the Also Eden camp despite best efforts from certain band members – loud snoring and bottom-y noises/smells (Rogers).