Flamborough Head at The Cambridge Rock Festival 2012

Flamborough Head gigged at the Cambridge Rock festival on Sunday August 5 on Stage One. A four day festival with a lot of interesting bands including Caravan, Mostly Autumn, Mr So & So, It Bites and Focus (a.o.)


Flamborough Head at the Prog Nite Festival, Italy

On Friday May 25 Flamborough Head gigged at The Prog Nite Festival in San Sebastiano, Italy. Unfortunately Gert, our guitarplayer, became ill the week before this gig and had to withdraw. Luckely our former guitarist Eddie Mulder was willing and able to step in on short notice. We rehearsed one evening with Eddie and went to Italy in the old Flamborough Head line up! We had a nice gig and a smashing weekend in Italy. Bravo to Eddie for his willingness to help us out and thanks to Paolo Ferrarotti and the rest of Castello di Atlante for having us over to their festival.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Flamborough Head

ProgFarm Magazin 1997-2011

Flamborough Head released a special full colour magazine covering the history of ProgFarm from 1997 till 2011. An important souvenir for all proggers who attended one of the editions of ProgFarm. We do have some paper copies left so please contact us if you want to obtain your magazine. If a PDF download will do please follow the next link: ProgFarm 15 Anniversary Magazine

Flamborough Head on The Flower Kings tribute cd-box

Colossus and Musea released A Flower Full Of Stars – A Tribute To The Flower Kings

Flamborough Head re-arranged The Flower Kings song Blessing Of A Smile from their Rainmaker album. We all know The Flower Kings from their well produced and sophisticated albums. We thought it would be a nice idea to approach their music from a different angle. Back to basics! For keyboards we only used the vintage german upright acoustic piano which is in Edo’s living room and an old harmonium stored in his attic. No electric guitars, only an acoustic one. Drums were recorded using only one pair of microphones and bass and recorders were recorded the usual way. So, a simple more casual arrangement and recording session. And………….we also recorded the shortest song possible. The Flower Kings are masters of length and output. Of course they recorded a lot of beautiful music but their creativity seems endless and sometimes we do get lost in their cataloque:-)


Flamborough Head supportact Neal Morse

Flamborough Head supported Neal Morse on June 25 at The Martinuskerk, Cuijk. A special event organised to celebrate the re-opening of the church after it has been restored. We had a wonderful evening in the beautiful Martinus church, what a special place to do a gig! Thanks to Leon Dietz for having us over and for his warm welcome. It was an honour to support Mr. Morse on this special occasion! Details on this evening can be found here.  For details on the Martinus kerk (and it’s restoration) please visit their website.



Koen Roozen, Neal Morse, Dammes Nienhuis and Margriet Boomsma


Flamborough Head live at The Garage, Bergen, Norway

 Flamborough Head gigged at The Garage, Bergen, Norway at Saturday March 19 2011. Together with our friends of D’AccorD, Pictures Of Pain and Garden Of  we teamed up for the Progkveld festival at the Garage in Bergen, Norway.

Thanks to D’AccorD for having us over, we had a smashing weekend in Bergen! Special thanks to Dennis of The Garage for his hospitality and warm welcome!


Flamborough Head on Progwereld Anniversary album

Flamborough Head wrote a brand new song as our contribution to the Prog NL cd. In April 2011 Dutch progwebsite Progwereld will celebrate their 10th anniversary and to commemorate this special event they asked several Dutch progbands to contribute a song, with only one restriction: it should be sung in Dutch. As Flamborough Head resides in the Frisian village of Bakkeveen, we thought it would be a good idea to write Frisian lyrics for this track. In the province of Friesland most people speak the Frisian language, it’s the second official language in The Netherlands. Margriet Boomsma wrote the lyrics based on the legend of Rixt of Oerd, a woman who used to live on Ameland, one of the Frisian islands. As a great fan of Renaissance Edo Spanninga tried to write a song influenced by this incredible band. So, a lot of classical orientated orchestrations but we must confess the band’s arrangement made it a lot heavier than Renaissance would do it back in the seventies:-)


“Another surprise comes from the notorious Flamborough Head that hails from the provinceof Friesland whose people never miss an opportunity to make clear that their own local language is a true language and not just a dialect. Considering the fact that I hardly understand a word when they speak Fries I must admit they seem to have a point. So bearing that in mind the song that Flamborough Head wrote and recorded especially for this album is sung in Fries, it’s actually the odd one out as it is actually not sung in Dutch. Maybe this is even the first prog song ever recorded in Fries, who knows?  […]  Seagulls open the song Flamborough Head wrote especially for this album and with this song they again prove what a vast crowd of insiders already know; this is one of the best Dutch prog bands ever! For some reason never received the recognition they deserve, but their, very Renaissance influenced, contribution to this album should be another clear indication to check out more of this group! Definitely one of the highlights on this album.” Please read Joris Donkel’s full review on Prog.NL on the DPRP website!

Flamborough Head on Dante’s Paradiso – The Divine Comedy Part III

French proglabel Musea and Finnish progmagazine Colossus released their last 4 cd-box of the Dante’s Divine Comedy. Flamborough Head wrote a new song called Labyrinth Of Light for this Paradiso release. You can find more than 4 hours of vintage styled progressive rock on this release from bands all over Europe including our friends of Lady lake, Yesterdays and Tabula Smaragdina. Other bands are  Brighteye Brison, Simon Says, Nemo and Kotebel (a.o.).

Flamborough Head, Yesterdays & Mindgames live in Utrecht

Flamborough Head (NL), Yesterdays  (Rumania) and Mindgames (Belgium) gigged at The Starsound Studio Utrecht on Saturday October 16 2010.

“In April 2009 I visited a small progressive rock festival at the Starsound Studio’s in Utrecht organized by Dutch prog band Flamborough Head. In spite of the fact that only few people showed up, they recently organized the same kind of mini-festival again. Watching this fine band perform was a good reason to drive to Utrecht, but the performances of Yesterdays (Romania) and Mindgames (Belgium) were a good excuse to write a review about this progressive rock festival. Both bands had become friends with Flamborough Head after they had visit the northern part of The Netherlands to perform at the legendary Progfarm Festival. This annual festival attracts visitors from different countries, but even this small festival proved that progressive rock has no borders. There were spectators from Germany and even a man from Japan. […]


@Live pictures: Arthur Haggenburg

Together with some thirty natives they saw Flamborough Head perform first. The band showed that people who didn’t attend this festival missed something special. With the new guitarist Gert Polkerman the band has become a very strong live unit. His style of guitar playing is perhaps less melodic than that of former guitarist Eddie Mulder, but instead we can enjoy a more aggressive guitar sound on stage. However, a very enjoyable sound with no traces of prog metal at all. The band performed some new songs as well. I also noticed that Mr. Polkerman enjoyed playing those old guitar parts. He often played them with a big smile on his face. For me, the highlight of this fine performance was Looking For John Maddock, the 20-minute long title track of the band’s latest release. This epic piece containing different moods and changes was splendidly performed with a leading role for keyboardist Edo Spanninga.

Next on stage were Yesterdays from Hungary and Romania. The audience wanted the band to do an encore. After the encore Tükör their time was up, but they can look back at a well-performed concert.


That also applied for Mindgames. Thanks to Flambourough Head our Belgian friends returned on a Dutch stage. […] Mindgames also deserved an encore and the few people left in the audience made enough noise to get them back on stage. Their last song was Both Sides Of The Show, a beautiful epic piece that finished an excellent performance. Hopefully this wasn’t the last MMX-show in The Netherlands… Too bad, that only a few people visited the Starsound Studio in Utrecht to witness three wonderful live acts. The prize to see the shows couldn’t have been the problem. Maybe some other concerts held during the same weekend could have been the reason for prog heads to show little interest. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned Flamborough Head may organize such triple live shows again. I had a good time just like all the other people who joined me in witnessing some outstanding progressive rock bands. Henri Strik (Please visit Background Magazine for Henri’s complete review)