Oskar released Shreds of Evidence – “New” Flamborough Head album

Flamborough Head – Shreds of Evidence – Obscure live tracks and other rarities (OSKAR 1072 CD)

In the 25 years of its existence, Flamborough Head released a demo, six studio albums and one live album. Through the years the band was asked to participate in several projects which resulted in various contributions – sometimes new compositions but also reworked or live versions of songs released earlier on one of our studio albums. Witek Andree of OSKAR asked us to compile a cd containing all these contributions complemented with some unreleased live tracks.

01 Bless The Wings (That Bring You Back) Higher And Higher – A Tribute To The Moody Blues 2005

02 Year After Year (Live) – ProgFarm 1997-2006 Anniversary Compilation 2006

03 Mantova (Live at Radio Xymphonia, Almelo, Holland 11-12-2005) – Cyclops Sampler 6

04 Rixt Fan’t Oerd – Prog.nl / Progwereld 2011

05 Blessing Of A Smile – A Flower Full Of Stars – A Tribute To The Flower Kings 2011

06 Daughters Of Night – Dante’s Inferno – The Divine Comedy I – Canto IX 2008

07 By The Bank Of The River – Dante’s Purgatorio – The Divine Comedy II – Canto XXI 2009

08 Labyrinth Of Light – Dante’s Paradiso -The Divine Comedy III – Canto XXXI 2010

09 Corrugated Road – Live at ProgFarm 1998 De Harmsdobbe Bakkeveen, Holland

10 Limestone Rock (Reworked and extended version) – Cyclops Sampler 5 2002

11 The Trapper – Live at ProgFrog Festival 2015, ’t Blok Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel Holland

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